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Hugh Jackman: Actor's Health And Fitness Tips

On Wolverine's whiskers

Jackman: "Wolverine whiskers look ridiculous" (© Getty Images)
  • Jackman unleashes the beast (© Rex)
  • Jackman: 'Wolverine a complex and interesting character" (© Patrik Giardino/Men's Health)
  • Jackman: "Wolverine whiskers look ridiculous" (© Getty Images)
  • Jackman: 'Wolverine's much cooler than me' (© Curtis Means/Rex)
  • Jackman: 'Eat and train until you want to throw up' (© Patrik Giardino/Men's Health)
  • Jackman: 'I know what it takes' (© Buzz Foto/Rex)
  • Jackman: 'One steak a day minimum' (© Patrik Giardino/Men's Health)
  • Jackman: 'Meditation has changed my life' (© Splash News/Corbis)
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On Wolverine's whiskers:

“Well, I’m used to it now. Weirdly, it looks OK on film and on that character. But imagine it in real life. It looks ridiculous, so ridiculous. You can wear a baseball cap with it... but really, there’s no way to style it. And then there’s the hair as well, which of course, looks ridiculous both in character and out of character.”


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