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13 Famous Curses

The Romanov curse

The Romanov curse (© Getty Images)
  • Tutankhamun's curse (© Action Press/Rex Features)
  • The curse of Timur (© Getty Images)
  • Tecumseh's curse (© Hulton Archive/Getty Images)
  • The Kennedy curse (© AP)
  • The Curse of My Way (© Getty Images)
  • The Romanov curse (© Getty Images)
  • The world's most disastrous wedding (© Rex Features)
  • Otzi (© Reuters)
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It's fair to say that the House of Romanov, the imperial dynasty that ruled over Russia from 1613 until the February Revolution of 1917, suffered an unusual amount of misfortune and tragedy over their three centuries of rule. Believers in a curse cite over 280 early deaths, accidents and illnesses that have befallen the family line - most notably the cruel massacre of Tsar Nicholas II and his family (pictured) by Bolsheviks in 1818. Alexei Nikolaevich (bottom left), Nicholas II's only son, was born with haemophilia - widespread among European royals at the time - and it's argued that the Tsar's family's closeness to 'healer' Grigori Rasputin (aka 'The Mad Monk' or 'Russia's Greatest Love Machine', depending on your sources) helped discredit the Romanovs and led to their downfall.


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